Saturday, September 26, 2009

Travel Blog Food Bliss

I love it when I find Travel Junkies that take pictures of their Yummy Food while traveling. These are from
Esme Vos flickr Photostream. Esme is not your ordanary traveler, in fact she has an awesome Travel blog where she writes about everything from the local people, to the food you should eat while on your visit. These two pictures above are from her trip to Bali.. Yum!~

Lobster Buffet in Roatan Honduras

 Esme's room service at the Ryokan in Kyoto.

This one is my favorite.. Nothing better than sharing Beautiful Food! This is from Esme's Salkantay trek to Macchupicchu.
Take a trip to Esme's website and blog for more travel adventures.

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