Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Newbie to me Clafoutis

This yummy dish is a Savory Clafoutis: Tomato Zucchini & Goat Cheese. I had never heard of this yummy dish. I found it on Meeta's blog What's for Lunch, Honey?

Meeta lives in Germany with her husband and son. Traveling was part of Meetas life so she loves culture and food. Awesome for us, because her blog is full of recipes, stories, and gorgeous Foodography that she is sharing with us. Yum

So back to the Clafoutis, well for us newbies according to Wikipedia " Clafoutis, are sometimes in Anglophone countries spelled clafouti, is a custard-like baked French dessert that is typically made by baking fresh fruit (traditionally cherries) and a batter, somewhat similar to pancake batter, in a baking dish."
Don't forget to check out Meetas blogs at What's for Lunch, Honey? and The Daily Tiffin.

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