Monday, November 30, 2009

Fruit of the Gods, Milan , Italy

Fruit of the Gods, Milan , Italy, originally uploaded by moonjazz.
This beauty is from moonjazz at his flickr photostream.. Wow

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Season on the Fruit

, originally uploaded by OCA DISEÑO CULINARIO.
This is from Oca Diseno Culinario in Columbia. Extraordinaire of 
Food styling, food photography, Catering, workshops, asesorias and
confectionery. The picture is from their Flickr Photostream and is 
season fruit, nutella, granola and yogurt.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The real cost of food

The real cost of food, originally uploaded by Orhan Tsolak.
This is from the Freelance photographer Orhan Tsolak's Flickr Photostream. At the link to this image Orhan has told us about the cost of a "simple salad" when we don't buy locally. Ouch! It took food coming from "three continents" to make one salad. What are we thinking?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Mystery Beauty

TUBO VIOLETAS, originally uploaded by Joan Brunés.
I'm not even sure what this is, but I think it is so pretty. The translation is something about figs and a violet tube. From Joan Brune's who lives in Vilanova del Valle's, Catalunya which is in Spain, north of Barcelona. I was having a bit of hard time with the google translator but Joan Brue's the dessert chef has an website that is absolutely Delicious.

Isn't this an incredible photo! This is also from Joan's Photostream at Flickr.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rustic Italian tortellini soup and some Tomatoes

rustic italian tortellini soup, originally uploaded by figgy photos.
from Figgy Photos at Flickr. I just love this shot! Figgy has the best Flickr set called Cookin' ..It is full of the most delicious food photos..

found here
 She even makes "plain ole' tomatoes" look unbelievable!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

pizza vegetal semi_oriental

pizza vegetal semi_oriental, originally uploaded by supercoco__.
Super Coco at Flickr is so cool. Not only does he have awesome photos on his photostream, he even has this delicious pizza photo with recipe and directions. Yum~

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Forikol Traditional Norwegian Meal

(love the plate :-))
This traditional Norwegian Meal is from one of my fellow Postcrossing Postcard enthusiasts. Radek is from Norway (now living in Manchester, England) and was nice enough to share this delicious picture on his Facebook Pictures.

"Fårikål is a traditional Norwegian dish, consisting of pieces of mutton with bone, cabbage, whole black pepper and a little wheat flour, cooked for several hours in a casserole, traditionally served with potatoes boiled in their jackets. The dish is typically prepared in early autumn. Fårikål is originally a dish from the Western part of Norway, but is now enjoyed in all parts of the country. On 24 September 2009 is Fårikål Feast. Fårikål Feast Day is celebrated on the last Thursday in September each year." from Wikipedia.

Norwegian cuisine in its traditional form is based largely on the raw materials readily available in Norway and its mountains, wilderness and coast. It differs in many respects from its continental counterparts with a stronger focus on game and fish. from Wikipedia

I'm always fascinated by the different cultures, especially our vastness of food! Yum~

Friday, November 6, 2009

Yummy Aprons

These Fabulous Flower  Aprons are from Kate at her Etsy store Bambinoamore's were they  "offer handmade vintage inspired goodies – namely their  vintage inspired aprons that have become extremely popular!! Their full-length aprons will help you spice up your kitchen routine and bring out your domestic diva!! When you buy an apron from Bambino you can rest assured that you are receiving a stylish, functional, durable, and 100% ORIGINAL vintage-inspired apron!!"
Bambino has an adorable collection  of aprons, which come in a few different  styles. There's  the Aunt Jessie, the Elegant Eloise, the Edie and the Katiedid. Which are  inspired from Bambino's  Mom Eloise which features a straight neckline that is classic and chic, and from her Sweetheart Tinkering Aunt Jessie, and  Edie the half apron. The aprons come in an assortment  of fabrics. You'll find funky, classy, trendy and spunky fabrics to match everyone's moods, and personalities.

AUNT JESSIE'S Vintage Inspired CHERRIES Fashionista Full Apron

Be sure to check out this wonderful Etsy store Bambino Amore , you will be so glad you did! Oh and the best part.... The Prices are awesome!! :-)